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K-12 EdTech Device Protection Solution

K-12 asset and help desk management are an ever-increasing challenge. We’ve been in your shoes and know the frustration with device protection and the increasing cost of replacing damaged devices!.

See how our education specialist team can help you ! 

Protection for:      Student and Staff Devices      1:1 Programs             Classroom and Take-Home Devices              Public, Private and Charter Schools

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Good Products Speak for Itself

 The days of shattered devices are long gone. Today, here comes the TechProtectus—military-grade protection for virtually any laptop or device you can think of. From the classroom to home, from outdoor place to office, TechProtectus ensures a soft landing for all your hardware.

"A better experience through simple, durable and affordable product"


Our team employs exacting design protocols to ensure each Incase product meets the needs of our consumers, new emerging markets, and an ever-expanding world of Apple product experiences. 

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Protective  and Sleek 



High quality soft TPU and PC linings 

Sturdy kickstand

Clear Back for asset tagging and personalization

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Meet the MIL -STD 810G Military Drop Test

We provide Macbooks, Chromebooks, iPads, Laptops, and Tablets Protection Gears
All Major Models covered! 
We sell on many consumers' favorite consumer electronics products stores! 
Trusted by Thousands of K-12 Schools/Districts
Fastest growing Editech 
Company to watch in 2023
Dedicated Customer Support

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