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How to identify your MacBook model

With so many different models and variations of Apple's popular MacBook available, it can be difficult to determine exactly which model you own. Identifying your MacBook model is essential to the proper installation and functioning of any software and hardware. It is also crucial for future software compatibility and eligibility for updates. Certain applications and games are compatible with specific models, but not all. The model also determines the type of memory chip and the maximum RAM allowed.

This simple guide will help you to quickly and accurately identify your device's model number according to Apple's numbering convention.


There are two ways to identify your MacBook model number:

  1. Inside the macOS operating system

With your MacBook turned on, click the Apple Logo located at the top left corner of the menu bar, followed by 'About this Mac'. A window will appear showing your computer's model name - for example, MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) as seen in the photo below.

2. On the back of your MacBook

You can also use your MacBook's model identifier to locate the right product. Start by removing any case or protector from your MacBook and turning it over. In the first line of text you will see a model identifier starting with A.

Sign In with Apple ID to View Devices

If your MacBook isn't working, you can also look up your MacBook information with your Apple ID. For this method, you'll need to know the Apple ID you use for your MacBook. Then, follow the steps below to find your MacBook model name and serial number

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in with your Apple ID.

  3. Under the Devices section, click your MacBook name.

4.Now you'll see your MacBook model and serial number

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