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Things People Don't Realize About Apple Care

AppleCare seems like a must-have for businesses. Before you rely solely on AppleCare, make sure you know exactly what type of coverage you’re getting. What you don’t know could cost you

Purchasing Apple products is a big investment, and it makes sense to protect them. The great thing about AppleCare+ is that it covers a variety of different services, including repairs. However, it doesn't cover accidental damage. Accidental damage to an iPhone is not covered. While it's unlikely that you would deliberately damage your phone, Apple may misdiagnose an accidental scratch as intentional. If you do happen to cause damage to your phone, Apple won't repair it

Only Two Incidents Per Device

One of the main reasons to buy AppleCare+ for Mac is to have devices quickly repaired or replaced in the event of damage. MacBook will get dropped and bumped. Screens will get cracked and hard drives ruined. If you’re relying on AppleCare alone, make certain your employees only damage a single device twice. Even though you have three years of coverage, only two accidents are covered throughout the period.

Enterprise Covers 2% Of Macs

If you have enterprise coverage, AppleCare covers damage on up to 2% of your mac devices Up to 5% of iPad and iPhone device damages are covered. The cause of the damage doesn’t matter. However, if you’re paying for full coverage for damages, it’s important to note that only 2% of damaged MacBooks are repaired under the coverage.

Incidental Damage Still Costs

A common misconception is damages are fully covered and don’t cost your business anything. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You still pay for incidental damage, such as screen cracks and water damage. While it’s significantly less than what you’d pay to repair a damaged MacBook outright, you still have to pay.

Screen and enclosure damage will cost you $99 per incident. Other types of damage cost you much more at $299 per incident. Of course, only two incidents are included at these reduced rates. You’ll pay hundreds more for damages after you reach your two incident limit.

24/7 Support Is Only Technical

While AppleCare+ for Mac does include speedy repairs or replacements, the 24/7 support is only technical. This allows you to get instant support for your Apple products, such as figuring out what’s wrong if your MacBook won’t start or the keyboard isn’t responding.

Complimenting AppleCare

While AppleCare isn’t perfect, it can still save you money if the worst happens. However, your business could save even more by investing in protective cases that limit damage. For instance, if an employee drops a MacBook with a protective case on, the MacBook will likely be fine. Without the case, you’re looking at enclosure damage in a best case scenario and screen and hard drive damage at worst.

It only costs around $40 to get a protective case for your MacBook. They won’t get in the way of productivity and could save your business money and time. For instance, Techprotectus Hinge Protection Rugged MacBook Case only cost you 36.99 dollar. Plus, it’s rubberized to make MacBooks slip resistant and the corner stands provide extra ventilation to make the devices last longer. Think of the right protective case as an additional proactive warranty. After all, you never know what might happen.

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