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Macbook is more volunerable to potential cracked hinge than you image

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

The M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro may have a vulnerability: According to reports in Apple’s support forum and Reddit some users have experienced broken displays. Reports describe how a crack can appear suddenly in the outer glass layer of the display. Sometimes it is just a small crack, but sometimes it grows larger and causes the screen to display image defects. One Macwelt (Macworld Germany) reader reported such a case. Since the display repair is costly this is expensive damage..

Apple admits errors, but only indirectly

Display damage of this type is not new and is usually caused by a foreign object between the display and the keyboard – a so-called “contact point crack”. According to reports, Apple usually evaluates this damage as the fault of the user and does not want to adopt the repair costs. However, many of the affected people assert that they have not had any foreign objects between the display and the keyboard. According to several reports, the error even occurs on devices that are only on the desk and are not even used as mobile devices.

Apple has now indirectly confirmed in a support document that the new MacBooks have a vulnerability in this sense: Apple has warned against covering the trackpad or keyboard of the MacBooks with any protective foils or sleeves. This also includes keycaps, for example with markings. Apparently, even these few millimetres of additional thickness are enough to apply pressure to the display.

It is possible there is a fault with the design. One possibility is that the keyboard is too thick – the current MacBook keyboards have been used since 2019 when they replaced the flatter “Butterfly” keyboards that had many weaknesses. It is also feasible that the camera itself could be the “contact point”.

Avoid the cracked Hinges

Opening your MacBook roughly, lifting it by just the screen or keyboard portion or folding the screen too far back all result in cracked hinges. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before the hinges break completely.

Until they’re repaired, you can’t use your MacBook. Plus, if the damage is bad enough, there could also be damage to the internal cables running to your screen. Using a case that limits how far you can open your MacBook is one line of defense. The other is to simply be more gently. MacBooks break, but if you’re careful, they last much longer.

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